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RebelSat UNLV was founded in the Fall of 2020 on the foundation of inspiring students in the field of aerospace engineering at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Currently, our team is focused on the development of the RebelSat-1 spacecraft. We are investigating photoluminescence spectroscopy of a novel semiconductor, doped polymeric carbon monoxide (doped poly-co), for use in radiation-hardened electronics.

Nevada has yet to launch a satellite into space, and that is precisely why we are passionate about our mission, RebelSat aims to launch the first Nevada-built satellite and bring the state to the forefront of space exploration and technology.

We aim to foster aerospace innovation and education at UNLV and across Nevada. CubeSats are a crucial element in university space programs, providing students with practical experience in spacecraft design and engineering, which we are committed to enhancing. RebelSat UNLV was founded on the principle of combining industry expertise with student-led development, in order to create an optimal learning experience for our students. This opportunity not only allows students to gain practical, real-world experience but also enables them to work on a pioneering project that is unique to Nevada.


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